Improvisation for Design of Engineering Alternatives



Pete Ludovice is an Associate Prof. of Chemical and and Biomolecular Engineering at Georgia Tech who carries out research on molecualr modeling and the use of humor to improve innovation. He works as a stand-up comedian in front of technical & non-technical audiences nationally. Pete host a weekly radio show entitled INSIDE THE BLACK BOX on WREK-Atlanta which attempts to demystify science and technology. Pete also directs a Living Learning Community at Georgia Tech that uses humor to improve technical innovation, communication and education.

Pete Ludovice
School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Tech

Lew Lefton is a faculty member in the School of Mathematics at Georgia Tech, where his responsibilities include being the Director of Information Technology for the College of Sciences. But Lefton is not just your ordinary geek.  He is an accomplished and experienced comedian who has done stand up and improv comedy for over 25 years.  He is also involved in the community, where he directs a high school Improv comedy troupe called D.U.C.K., and leads a "geek" club at a local middle school called S.T.E.M.C.E.L.L. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Club to Encourage a Love of Learning). Lew Lefton
School of Mathematics, Georgia Tech

Richard Catrambone is a Professor in the School of Psychology at the  Georgia Institute of Technology.  He is interested in the design of teaching and training materials--including software and multimedia environments--based on cognitive principles that help students learn basic tasks quickly and promote transfer to novel problems.  In particular, he uses task analysis techniques to explore what students need to know in order to solve problems in a domain and then to use the results of the task analysis to guide the construction of teaching and training materials/environments.

Richard Catrambone
School of Psychology, Georgia Tech